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About Us

The SAC comprises of spiritual, religious, and community organizations from the Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, Sikh, and Native American communities. SAC aims to create greater awareness and education around the sacred Swastika and distinguish it from the hateful Nazi symbol of the Hakenkreuz – through various initiatives, events, educational programs, and inter-religious dialogues.

For decades, the Swastika has been wrongly associated with the Nazi symbol of hate in the western world, leading to confusion around a symbol that is sacred to nearly 2 billion people. However, a plethora of evidence and scholarship has demonstrated that Hitler never used the word “Swastika” – instead preferring the German “Hakenkreuz,” which resonated much more with the local population and its Christian background.

Through this website and through SAC’s efforts, it is our hope that individuals can learn to distinguish between the Swastika and the Hakenkreuz and rightly denounce the latter for what it stands for, rather than the Swastika, which (along with its equivalents), has been around for thousands of years and is used by many cultures as a symbol of peace, well being and auspiciousness.

Proper knowledge about world cultures and religions is essential to develop the mutual respect and pluralism that must be the cornerstone of any multi-racial, multi-ethnic, and inclusive society.

For more information and to join our efforts, please contact us at